Monday, 30 March 2015

Lenovo Laptops: Best of the Lot!

Lenovo laptops are among the best laptops available in the market. They truly stand by their punch line of thinking ahead in technology and style.

Lenovo is one of the best in Notebook manufacturers, thanks to some fierce competition among the World Celebrated Laptop companies due to which consumers are ultimately getting benefited. These laptops are sophisticated yet so user friendly that you can not resist them. They come in different models, which vary according to their price tags.
After conquering the world now the company is aiming at eliminating the need for password security, and to install the VeriFace facial recognition software that can work with an integrated 1.3-mega pixel camera.

The company basks in the limelight facing all the competition at different levels. Lenovo, is a China-based company and they are all geared up to announce the first three laptop models for the international consumer market at the Consumer Electronics Show show in India.

Unveiling a trio of design-conscious "IdeaPad" laptops for the consumer market, Lenovo today is giving a tough competition to Dell and Acer to a great extent. As of today, the new 15.4-inch IdeaPad Y510 and 17-inch IdeaPad Y710 are being prominently promoted on their Web site, where they do mention of an upcoming 11-inch ultra mobile model. Also, the company is developing a consumer desktop model dubbed with the IdeaCentre. Its new consumer laptops for the international market will come with an Intel I3 Processor technology; Windows 7 Aditional; a Dolby Home Theatre audio sound system with quad speakers and a subwoofer; touch-sensitive controls; GameZone keys with secondary display; and VeriFace facial recognition.

Design wise it is perfect; the construction is rock solid, with no squeaks. It feels good and stable, though a little on the heavier side at 2.8 kgs, the keyboard layout is also very convenient to use. With an on board Intel 950 GMA based display; the notebook performs better than expected. It offers some of the best matched configuration in its price range. The intensive performance is one of the highlights of this machine. You can also buy these laptops online. There are number of websites offering laptops at a discounted Price...

Overall Buy Lenovo Laptops is a trust worthy company which provides their buyers with quality products. So, do check out before you zero in on your favourite Notebook.

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